General Data Protection Regulation Compliance


The purposes of this page are:

  1. to easily allow users to access GDPR functions
  2. to describe how this site is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Your privacy, your data
  1. Click here to withdraw your consent. If you do not want to click, please send an email to
  2. Click here to request to remove your personal information. If you do not want to click, please send an email to
  3. Click here to request to export your data. If you do not want to click, please send an email to
Websites these tools pertain to
General Information

The overall purpose of these sites are to support the learning of high school computer science by high school students. Secondary purposes are to grow computer science and freely share computer science knowledge and skills with whomever might want to learn.

These webservices are hosted on a server in Helsinki, Finland. These webservices are primarily intended to be used by students who are physically located in Warsaw, Poland. Interactive parts of the site can only be accessed via a login system. Many parts of this webservice are viewable (read-only) without needing to be logged in. Registration is allowed soley by Bill MacKenty, who must personally approve of all registrations prior to access to interactve (read and write) features.

These webservices cannot be accessed via HTTP. This webservice can only be accessed via HTTPS. Passwords are hashed and salted.

Primarily, students aged 14 to 18 will use this webservice. It is my understanding (according to article 8 of the GDPR) for persons at least 16 years of age the processing of the personal data of a child shall be lawful. For children under 16, I mandate and store parental consent. Students under 16 years of age are not allowed to use my webservices without parent consent, which I securely store.

There is only one administrator of this site, who has full access to all data, server logs, and security information. Bill MacKenty is the sole owner of this webservice.

Information Collected

Please refer to the privacy policy for specific information about information collected. The privacy page is authoritative. In summary I collect and store email address and IP address of every registered user. For non-members, only IP address is logged as part of the webserver this webserivce runs on.